How to Fix HP Printer Won’t Print Black?

How to Fix HP Printer Won’t Print Black?

HP Printer Won’t Print Black

It is extremely common for HP printers to suddenly decide that they don’t wish to print black. But, equal to the problem, the solutions are also very simple. There some basic and a few particular methods that you can try and perform to resolve this issue.

The questions related to HP printer won’t print black are hugely searched on the internet and we have tried our best to cover them all for you here at one place. So, let’s start with some basic operations that have the power to fix the issue.

Some Basic Steps for Printer Won’t Print Black

  1. Shut down your printer and unplug the power cable from the wall socket. Disconnect all the USB cables connected to the printer. After a minute or so, reconnect everything the power cable and the USB cables back and turn the print on.
  2. Now, take a print test page or a quality diagnostic report.
  3. You can find this option on your printer’s display screen. In case, if its not present there, look into your user guide for detailed instruction.
  4. Check out on the ink levels in the printer cartridges.

Checking the Ink Cartridge

  1. Replacing the ink cartridges that are either empty or low on ink.
  2. Check for the ink cartridges being placed properly and installed at the right slot.
  3. In case of new cartridge installation, make sure to remove the tape over the vent.
  4. Check for the cartridge vents being clogged. You can easily fix this by cleaning it up using a pin.
  5. You can also try and use a different ink cartridge. This will clear the doubt that whether your printer is recognizing the cartridge or not.

Checking the Printer Head

  1. The next thing that you can try is checking the printer head. Make sure that your printer head are not clogged. You can go through the user guide of your printer to know the exact steps that need to be followed for automatic printer head cleaning. If it won’t work in the first time, you can try do the same again and again.
  2. The automatic printer head cleaning is the best and the easiest way for troubleshooting clogged printer head. In case if it is possible for you to remove the printer head from your HP printer, then you can clean it manually as well. Just make sure to do it carefully without damaging the printer head.

Re-align the printer. You can find this option on your HP printers LCD display screen. Go to the Setup and then to tools for re-align your printer.

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