How Do I Find IP Address on My HP Printer?

How Do I Find IP Address on My HP Printer?

Find IP Address on My HP Printer

When you are start setting up your newly bought HP printer to the network connection, the need for the printer’s IP address arises. It is an important information that you should along with you before initiating the process of printer setup.

There are multiple ways by which you can search for the IP address on your HP printer. We have the answer to your “find IP address on my hp printer” in the easiest way possible. Let’s find out how you can collect this information.

Steps to Find HP Address on My HP Printer

Method 1

1 – The first thing that you can do for getting the IP address of your HP Printer is by searching the name of your printer. You can get the name either from your network administrator or can search for the same on the label fixed on your HP printer. Each and all of the computers connected to a network should have their own unique name. Network administrators use these names to create labels for each and every single printer. This makes it easy for the workers to find the right printer they wish to connect to.

2 – Now you have to press the Windows key along with the R key from your keyboard at the same time. You will have a box in front of you on the computer screen, all you have to do now is to type “CMD” in the box provided and press the Ok button. Now, a pop up window or prompt will be displayed, type “ping printer name” in the space given. This will display an IP address, please make sure to note it down.

Method 2

Another method that can help you find the IP address of your HP printer is from the printer itself. All you have to do is to tap on the Menu button given on the exterior part of your HP printer and then keep on scrolling until you reach the Information tab. Now use arrow keys for scrolling from left to right until you see the option Print Configuration Page. Hit the Select button, this will print the configuration page. Now, this printer copy of the configuration page contains the IP address of your HP printer.

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