How do I Connect my HP Laserjet Pro m118dw to WiFi?

How do I Connect my HP Laserjet Pro m118dw to WiFi?

The setup process for the HP Laserjet Pro m118dw to be connected to the internet connection is a simple one. Through the course of this article, it has been highlighted in steps of how you can achieve this. What is also to be stressed is the need for more printers to have an internet connect option as it makes connecting to numerous devices a much simpler task. For this reason, you should opt for the HP Laserjet Pro m118dw as it offers you these options.

Step to Connect HP Laserjet Pro m118dw to WiFi

  1. There are also a number of other things which one must bear in mind when implementing this process, and it starts right at the beginning. This could be anything ranging from when you are opening the box of the printer and setting it up, ensure you put it up in a clean, dry place which is away from heat and dust. This will also help your printer remain clean and in working condition for a long period of time.
  2. Another thing which you can do is make sure you use the printer manual to finish the initial setup process and stick to it in case some errors arise. There is also the option of connecting with printer help or customer service for this process.
  3. Make sure that once you have done this and you start the printer and start using it, what you must also make sure to do is download the printer software as well. This will ensure that the driver and other essentials will be in order for you to use and implement accordingly.
  4. Now once the important software has been lodged as well, make sure that you have put together the hardware of the printer in a proper manner as well. Things like the printing tray, paper, ink etc. should all be in order too.
  5. For connecting your printer to the internet, there is usually present a wireless button which is on top of the printer itself. make sure that this button is kept pressed for a while and then once the connection has been established then the flickering of the button will come to an end.
  6. You can also conduct a few test print runs to check whether or not the entire connection setup has been done in a proper manner. If not, and if some of the steps have been missed then you need to peruse the whole process again.
  7. In the case that there is some error which a person faces when doing any of the above then please make sure to either go over all the steps again, or you could also contact customer service and then have an expert address the problems for you.
  8. There are also a lot of helpline numbers which are given for people to contact in case of simple issues when connecting to the Wi-Fi or internet, which can be addressed over call. There is also the option of chat which can be opted for.

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