How to Connect HP Envy 7155 to WiFi?

How to Connect HP Envy 7155 to WiFi?

Connect HP Envy 7155 to WiFi

As the requirement of the printers is increasing rapidly on a daily basis the questions for setting them up has also increased. The online searches for connecting HP Envy 7155 to WiFi has increased greatly. We have come up with the setup guide for establishing HP Envy 7155 wireless setup.

All you need for setting up this connection is your printer in working condition, a stable and strong wireless internet connection and a computer system or a laptop. You can easily connect HP Envy 7155 to WiFi by following the given mentioned steps. We have tried our best to answer all the questions that one can have while setting up their new HP Envy 7155 to WiFi.

Steps for Connecting HP Envy 7155 Wireless Setup

The following document will be quite informative for connecting your HP Envy 7155 printer to a WiFi connection. With the help of this setup guide you will be able to connect your printer to any of the operating systems like Windows or Mac. The steps are helpful in setting up the new connection or you can also turn the present connection from wired to wireless as it has its own benefits like:

  • No USB cable needed.
  • You can print from anywhere within the range of the wireless router.
  • Cloud storage files can also ger printed.

The latest printer driver installation is a must for this process.

  • If you have already installed the driver on your system due to another kind of connection like USB, then there is a possibility that you can transform this driver for using wireless connection setup with the printer.
  • Collect your network name or the SSID along with the security password of the network.
  • Using a broadband connection for the internet is highly recommended for a secure and strong network.
  • Check if all the related devices are working properly or not?
  • Check the electric power connection.
  • Make sure to connect your HP printer and your computer system to the same internet connection network.
  • If any USB has been inserted, then remove it at this step.
  • For removing the already established USB connection, browse for the HP folder on your system and recognize your printer name from it.
  • Go to the Utilities menu from the HP Printer Assistant window.
  • Now hit the Printer Setup & Software Selection.
  • Here you can easily find the option stating “Convert a USB connected printer to wireless” or can get the option for “Connect a new printer”.
  • The above mentioned two expressions can differ depending upon your computer version.
  • Your already established USB connection will automatically get converted into a wireless connection.
  • In case if you are setting up the connection for the first time, you need to go to the Wireless Setup Wizard that you can find under Control Panel of your printer.
  • Power on the HP printer and hit the wireless icon.
  • Go to the settings icon and search for Wireless Settings.
  • Now you need to follow the directions given by the Wireless Setup Wizard.

You can visit the official site and can install the latest version of the printer software driver.

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