How to Connect a Ricoh wireless Printer to a Computer?

How to Connect a Ricoh wireless Printer to a Computer?

Connect Ricoh Wireless Printer to the Computer You has to set up this printer and Ricoh printer to allow everyone to access the printer on a private seat. The Ricoh network printer is best if this printer is properly configured and can be accessed by more than one user in any location.Before you can use your Ricoh copier as a printer or scanner, you must connect it to a computer through the USB cable provided and install a driver. Ricoh printers all have networking features and can be shared on your home network from the PC to which they were first attached.

First, when using a wireless network, you need to download the required printer driver and install it on your computer.

One thing to keep in mind is that if you connect your printer to your network directly, the security will be compromised, and the connecting method will become more complicated. As a result, it is recommended that you connect your printer to an access point such as a wireless LAN router.

Step to Connect Ricoh Wireless Printer to the Computer

  1. You must first ensure the availability of CD ROM before installing the driver, if you want to install drivers on CD, then USB drives should be there if you have downloaded the software
  2. To activate this, now you must press the power button on the printer.
  3. You now have to connect the Wi-Fi network to your computer.
  4. For one or two seconds, tap the power key once again on the printer. On the printer, when the power LED is blue and Wi-Fi is activated.
  5. Now you must insert the CD into CD Rome, and the menu page will be displayed.
  6. Now you have to select Wi-Fi Setup and install.
  7. You now have to use the USB cable to connect your computer to your printer.
  8. In the installation menu, select the Wi-Fi Settings and Installation menu options.
  9. You must now accept the license agreement before you.
  10. The Access Point List is now available.
  11. You have to select the point of access and then click.
  12. To connect the selected access point and click next, enter your password.
  13. You now have to choose the Printer from the list and click the next one.
  14. Now the installation starts and the completion message will be received.
  15. The printer driver is now successfully installed and the Ricoh printer icon is on your desktop.

RICOH Printer-Setup of Access Point

  • You now have to set the point of access (Wi-Fi router) to use the RICOH printer wireless connectivity on your computer.
  • To start your printer, you must now press and hold the power key.
  • Now you need a USB Cable, Wi-Fi Router or Soft AP function to connect your computer with the printer.

How can I connect the Ethernet to my Ricoh Printer?

  • As described above, connect the Ricoh printer to the Wi-Fi router.
  • Install the driver of the printer and update your computer’s printer software.
  • To turn the printer on, press the power key. The Wi-Fi network on the printer is enabled.
  • The continuation of printing from the Ricoh Printer must be agreed to all terms and conditions.

The Ricoh printer comes with two modes, an infrastructure mode and an Adhoc mode, where your printer and computer are connected directly in Adhoc mode. The next steps can be taken to reach this connection.

  • To begin, open your internet browser and navigate to the Ricoh driver download website.
  • Then, in your search box, type the name of your printer; then, from the drop-down menu, select your menu.
  • Now, in the driver area, click the printer’s name, download the setup file, and run the installation file.
  • Your Ricoh printer is now ready to print over the wireless network after this file has been launched.

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