Canon Printer Offline Error Troubleshooting Guide

Canon Printer Offline Error Troubleshooting Guide

Fix Canon Printer Showing Offline Error Please confirm that your printer’s power connection is hooked into an electrical outlet and restart your router before proceeding with the options below, as network failure may occur. Because printers must function while connected to the system and networks, any discrepancy in settings can result in the Canon printer being displayed as offline. It’s perplexing to discover that your printer is properly connected but that you’re still seeing printer status offline.

This post will teach you a few simple troubleshooting techniques. All of these are tried and true methods for resolving the

Solutions for canon printer offline error

Test the printer’s connectivity

• Examine the condition and positioning of all USB cables that are connected. Use USB wires that aren’t too long, twisted, or frayed.
• Verify that the correct Canon printer is installed in your system.
• Make that your printer is connected to your WiFi network properly.
• Ascertain that your computer and printer are both on the same WiFi network.
• Check the connectivity of your wireless router and modem.

Examine the printer’s settings

• To resolve any network issues, restart your router.
• This applies to all printers, whether they are wired or wireless.
• Check your printer status in the system settings to see if it is “Online” (it is occasionally set to “Offline”).
• All pending printing tasks should be cleared.
• If you’ve added more than one printer to your network, ensure sure the Canon printer is configured as the “default.”
• Check your printer’s and network’s default IP and gateway IPS.

Clear the Printer Spooler

• Press the Windows key and the R keys together at once.
• This will bring up the Run box, where you can type services.msc and hit Enter.
• The ‘Services’ window will appear, with a list of Windows services displayed. Press P repeatedly on any service until Printer Spooler is highlighted.
• Select Properties from the drop-down menu by right-clicking on the Printer Spooler.
• Select the Stop option under Service status in the General Tab, and then click OK to save the changes.
• For the time being, the Printer Spooler service will be disabled. Now navigate to the printing jobs you want to delete.
• To do so, go to C drive >> Windows >> System32 >> Spool >> PRINTERS in Window Explorer.
• A pop-up notice will now appear on the screen, requesting permission. Continue by pressing the Enter key.
• Now that a folder has been created, close the window and return to the General page.
• Restart the spooler service if it hasn’t already. Set the Startup Type of the spooler to Automatic.
• Now restart your computer and run a print test to see whether the Canon printer offline error has been resolved.

Uninstall And Reinstall The Printer Driver

Steps to uninstall the printer driver

• To begin, launch the ‘run’ dialogue box on your Windows system by typing ‘run’ into the search box.
• Then, as indicated in the figure below, type ‘devmgmt.msc’ in the run dialogue box.
• The Device Manager window will then appear.
• Open the ‘print queues’ option to locate your Canon printer in the list.
• Then, from the menu, right-click on your Canon printer model and select ‘Uninstall Driver.’

Reinstall the printer driver

• Now go to the Canon official website.
• Find the proper driver for your printer in the download area.
• The most recent printer driver should be downloaded and installed.
• Wait for the process to finish.
• Restart your printer as well as your PC.

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